• Realizing the development cost reduction at domestic site and providing the global quality 3D data.

    Please consider ESP offshore services, for those who are having difficulties with the followings.
    ・Urgent needs in reducing the development cost.
    ・Ensure the required quality without any language barrier.
    ・Need someone to work without putting any effort in writing an instruction sheet.
    ・Difficulties in continuous cultivation of human resources.
     (Unable to accumulate know-how makes it difficult to expand the company)
    ・Difficulties in migrating to overseas to compete with China and Korea.

  • Japanese/Thai hybrid engineer designing at your service.

    Experienced Thai and Japanese design engineers are ready to support your designing and CAD operation. Not only the quality and delivery but we can also negotiation on the total cost at customer's needs.

  • Creating 3D data from actual and clay models. Vital solutions for early development processes.

    ・Creating 3D data without having a 3D drawing.
    ・Keeping a unique product as 3D data.
    ・Comparison study from your competitor's product.
    ・Creating design surfaces for 0 phase prototype.
     Capable of creating 3D data from 3D scanner with customer's requested accuracy.

  • Trilingual education (Thai, English, Japanese) support in Thailand.
    Practical training with ESP exclusive CATIA educations.

    Progressive lesson from fundamental to advance courses. Available in customizing your own courses.
    (All courses are available in English, Japanese and Thai)
    Providing after-class evaluation service for your staff's performances.

  • Providing suitable outsource on domestic site and confident backup support for your future localization.

    Our objective is to have a long term partnership and collaboration. Our Thai members are capable in English and Japanese makes it easy to join your project. Cultivating members for overseas deployment to become experienced in your company workflow. Our members eventually become suitable for localization project as well as having our services as backup support.